Writer’s Block: A common enemy? We all can suffer from it, whether we like to write or not. I normally like to write, but recently, I haven’t been writing as much as usual, and not as much as I want. I still have no guaranteed solutions to combat Writer’s Block, and believe me, I’ve been trying to find at least one foolproof solution. I think Writer’s Block is just something that distracts you somehow, and, for lack of a better word, “throws around” your thoughts. The thoughts then get so disorganized that your brain subconsciously spends most of it’s time untangling them, and less of it’s time thinking of your current writing project.This will be a short post about Writer’s Block, and will include some ideas on how to not stress yourself out, and some advice on how to get rid of it (ish).

So, I’ve been thinking more and more about how to get rid of Writer’s Block. One thing keeps coming back to me; don’t. Don’t try to get rid of it. If you just let it get in you, it’ll leave soon. All “parasites” like the energy your struggles produce, and when there is a struggle, they want to get inside you even more. So, let Writer’s Block in, make it a cup of tea, and in no time it’ll leave. Everyone has experienced a case of Writer’s Block at some time, and it always goes away. Pretty sure that no one has ever actually died from this horrid disease. 😉

Writer’s Block is frustrating, so if you find yourself getting over-excited while it makes itself at home, remember to calm down. Here’s a list of tips that will hopefully help you get rid of Writer’s Block (sort of) by creating an environment that it no longer enjoys being in.

  • Prompts are one of the best ways to help with writing struggles. They can create a small “guideline” for you, and can push you along to write. They stop you from stressing, because it gives you an advantage over starting from scratch. You can find prompts on the web, or possibly from a good book.
  • Outlines help as well. If you can’t find the words for the idea that you have, lay out the base of the story and look back at it often.
  • If you have an idea but can’t get it on paper, try using color gel pens, and write out your idea in alternating colors. The colors help most people think by making things stand out separately.
  • Freewrites help as well, because they sort of let your ideas out, and there are no rules or structure to freewrites. Freewrites and color make a great combo!
  • The atmosphere you’re in also plays a big role in your writing, because anything, absolutely anything, can distract you. So go ahead and play some theme music or find a calm quiet corner, get all dressed up in your most “dare to be you” outfit or get comfy in your snuggliest pjs. Any way you choose is perfect; just set an atmosphere that makes you smile.

So, when the dreaded Writer’s Block rears it’s ugly head, don’t struggle and fret. Just open on up and invite it in, then set to work on creating that unwelcoming environment. Don’t forget…first step is to calm down.
Now, get ready to grab your colored gel pens and write!

Photo Credit:  Word Cloud created at tagul.com