What’s this? A new blog post?

Yes, I’m still alive under the famed “piles of schoolwork” and stress of being in school.

Wait, what piles of schoolwork? I can’t really complain, my schedule is pretty light this semester, with mainly Algebra II and Chinese taking up my time. But I’m also taking a Intro to Psychology course, a writing course, and an art class as well! Oh, and we can’t forget test prep – by the way, what’s that about? I’m only 12, why should I be preparing for a test anytime soon?

Well, the answer is that I’m going to be taking – and hopefully passing – the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) this month, so that I can continue my last few years of High School at my local college. Exciting, right? I definitely think so, and I’m looking forward to learning and going to a physical classroom for the first time in… what, eight years? Can’t wait!

Next I should probably address how my life’s been going– and it’s been going pretty well. I’ve been a bit stressed, but I remember this is nothing compared to the stress of almost turning in a test late, or almost missing a class. However, there’s the event of animal trouble – including but not limited to a dog eating a full rope toy – that has added to my stress as well. It’s finally gotten colder around here – it dropped 20 degrees in a night – so as I’m writing this, I’m snuggled up in multiple layers of soft clothing and my warm Hamilton hoodie, with Imagine Dragons playing in the background. I’ve been practicing my art much more, and I’m getting into new types of music and exploring a bit. For example, I’ve been listening to a Chinese pop artist named G.E.M, and I’m surprised at how much I can understand and piece together in the songs! I’ve also gotten (more like fell) into K-Pop, but I’m not going to go too deep into that, as I could probably go on for a couple pages…

Ooh, speaking of music! Just recently, (Oct. 4th), I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Sacramento Imagine Dragons concert with my mom and sister! Like K-Pop, if I were to write out everything, it would be a few pages of excited rambling. So instead, I’ll just say that Dan Reynolds ran up our aisle and my sister got a high-five, and that I lost my earplugs around halfway through Imagine Dragon’s performance. For a couple days after the concert, I had a slight headache from the lights and noise, and my ears ended up staying extremely sensitive as well. It’s an experience I’m not likely to forget, due to the atmosphere, events, adrenaline, and the fact that I was screaming every lyric to the point where I could nearly hear myself over the crowd.

I’ve also been writing nearly every day, but I’m a bit frustrated at how I’m never doing more than around a thousand words on a new or different project every time. I can’t count how many times I’ve cut out some pieces of my writing that I probably will never use in that story, but might use in another. NaNoWriMo is coming up, though, and I’m also planning for that- I’m a bit stuck at the moment, but I have a good amount of planing material already.

Speaking of writing, I wanted to share an excerpt from one of my more recent stories, but it’s not a big enough excerpt to get it’s own article in the Stories tab.

“Skeletal fingers of long-past gusts stirred revolution in the blanket of fall leaves. The gray sky shifted ever so slightly at every moment, a cloud drifting across the sun. Pale yellow filtered through the colorless barriers, caressing the tips of the Grove spruce trees. This swath of dull green shivered like no spring day should, and the call of mourning doves filled the air.

My cold fingers, swathed in black knit wool, clenched the wooden rail I leant on. Chills ran up and down my spine, marching like ants. Something bit at my bones, stiff and cold. My feet tapped against the wooden floor of the balcony in idle rhythm.”

I really enjoy how I managed to write this description, but I’m struggling keeping it up or gracefully transitioning it into the rest of the story, among other troubles.

I’m working on improving my problem with procrastination, and I’m finding I’m finishing all my school earlier and earlier in the day. I’m feeling pretty good in general, and though the recently overcast skies make me want to sit under my blankets and read all day, I’ve been getting my school done and making good progress on everything. I’m hoping to learn and completely relish my love for learning this school year, which already has a strong, positive start.

“Smile on my face

No reason to cry

I love you all the time,”

I Love You All the Time (Play it Forward Campaign), Imagine Dragons

Photo Credit: pixabay.com