A thought came to me, and I want to share it. It’s unabridged, unedited, unpolished, and pretty much un-everything (except unwritten!). Enjoy.


Recently, I’ve been thinking more. I’ve been making more decisions, and some of them might be life-changing. With more thoughts come more ideas, and more ideas bring more imaginings of the future. I’ve been feeding off of those imaginings and hoping that they’ll come true in the near future. Wait, let’s stop there for a second. Hoping…Hope…hope
When you think of the word hope, what else do you think of? Believing, wanting, asking, begging, praying? I, personally, don’t think hope is just any of those. I think hope is pure thought; something that can shine through eyes and show people your passion. I think hope is something all can see in a person, if they look hard enough. Hope is often disguised as determination, a fiery tone of voice, or an eager spark in the eyes of a person. I find that hope is something to drive you on when it seems like all is lost. It’s not exactly motivation, but it bolsters you to no end. It drives you through the dark, and it’s call is as clear, passionate, and determined as that glint in someone’s eyes. When I look into someone’s eyes, I see a world of not just color and specks, but I see a world of passion and emotion, of strain and intensity…I see hope.

A new paragraph, a new topic, right? Not yet. I’m going to sit here awhile with hope and eyes, but I’ll bring someone else into the mix. Thought. What is thought to you? Is it the rational process of your mind to find the best decision? Or perhaps, since you can never stop thinking, (even while asleep), you believe that you have no control over your own mind because of all the thoughts? I believe that thought is a free energy, darting through your mind to deliver what you need. I see thoughts as almost living, knowing what you need to hear, and then delivering it to you at the right time. Sometimes you can acknowledge what the thought is bringing you, but somehow you can’t really “understand” it.

So, what about eyes? What part do they play in this story? We all know eyes are used to take in the world around us and help us see where we are going in life. Eyes can show confusion, hope, fear, and any emotion that can be felt. When you look into them, you might be able to find a glimmer of a thought. Some people are said to be “mind readers”, but I find that they are merely people that know how to read the real language. The language of thoughts, hope, and the eyes.


End Thought. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’m glad you took the time to read this random thought. I’ll leave you with an unusual ending as a treat for your eyes; four lines from a poem of mine.

Dream on as the world sings,
Live on as the drum beats,
You are your own guide,
You, and the beat of your heart.

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