Nobody understands,
Nobody cares,
That all the terrible things I’ve done,
They were done on the brink of despair.
They forgive me so quick, But I want them to know,
How I wanted things to go.

They give it up after a mili-minute,
They never give it a second glance,
And all I want is a chance,
To tell them my truth.

Somewhere, In the depths of my mind,
I see that little word,
That little no,
Digging out to protest,
Not wanting to let the case go to rest.

Swimming in the sea of confusion,
That little spark of rebellion,
Wanting all to know,
The truth of the mistake.

But when I fight,
They dismiss it without a backward glance,
Saying I’m silly to take it far,
When all I want is a chance,
To say the truth of the mistake.

I wrote this poem a bit ago not because I was feeling this way, but, I was just suddenly… writing it. Even though I didn’t write this about an experience of mine, I think I know what it means.

It means that whenever I make a mistake, people forgive me right away, and I’m fine with that most of the time. But, sometimes I want them to know why I made the mistake; I want them to hear my reason for doing what I did, I want them to hear my truth.

I guess on this part of the journey, I’m searching for truth, or at least, stopping the truth from being dismissed.

Photo Credit: Uncharted Journey Blog