I wanted to use this quote for today’s post because I just took another step in my life, another step forward in my uncharted journey. I just started High School!

Last year, I “tip-toed” into high school by taking one high school literature class, and I realized that the material and the pace was a better fit for me. So, this year we have stepped away from the virtual online school. Now, all my classes are from different places; and each is delivered in a different manner. I’m currently taking physics, geology, art, history, creative writing, language arts, JAVA programming and algebra.

This year, I’m also “tip-toeing” into two college classes. I am in my second week of an Earth Science course, and will start a World History course later this week. I’m really excited about this new direction my life is taking, and I’m happy to see that I’m actually struggling with the material that’s being presented. (my brain is on fire…but that is a story for another post). This school year is definitely a new step on my journey.

So, has taking a step in this new direction been easy peasy? No, I’ve had to make a lot of decisions lately, and many of them are frustrating and most are flat out hard. I’ve been going through a lot of transitions recently, and I also have homework now that high school has started (wow, not sure I have ever really had homework before), so I am learning how to manage my time and resources in addition to learning at a new level. So, a recap of the past few weeks for me:

  • Started High School (With two college classes thrown in)
  • Learned a bit more about organization and responsibility and time management
  • Liking (Yeah, actually really liking!) my new math class.
  • Joined a local 4-H group and attended the first meeting
  • Still finishing up my junior high history and Mandarin Chinese classes
  • Overall, a crazy three-quarters of a month.

So, I really do not know if these small tip-toeing steps in this new direction will end up leading to some of the biggest steps of my life, however, I do know that I really feel comfortable standing in this new location…the location I got to by just taking that first step.

Photo Credit: Uncharted Journey Blog