I wanted to share these poems because I felt the world needed them…
and because no matter how small of a portion of the world I’m reaching, I want these words to be out there.
I guess I have no real explanation for it.


Blazing through the shadows of doubt,
Letting out a golden-eyed cry,
Spreading it’s wings to show the world,
It’s time to fly.

Fighting through,
The smoky air,
Flapping it’s wings,
As much as it does dare.

Watching below,
The war and the fire,
The result of one single man’s ire.

It sees in disgust,
Death lazily floating overtop,
Overtop the great fields of war.

And all with a cry,
It does say,
Let us fly,
Little ones, Evermore.

For none are safe,
From this cloud,
On this polluted world.

Fix it we cannot,
And so many people do try,
But what you really need to do,
Is fly.

Silver wings,
Flashing in despair,
Light a beacon to the world,
Let us fly.


The ground of the Earth
The dream of the skies
The song of the birds
There, my life lies.

The sigh of the winds
The leap of the deer
The touch of the fire
These, I hold near.

The shouting eyes of the world
The crashing waves of the sea
The scream of a fallen tree
They fuel my burning inside.


When you’re in the place that you fear most
Just look up at the sky
And know
That you’re seeing the same thing
As I
Those floating wisps,
That everlasting sea,
You’re seeing,
The same thing as me.

Know that you are safe,
Seeing the blazing sun,
Seeing the foam of the floating waves,
Seeing that you can be safe,
Watching the same sky,
As me.

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