Recently I’ve been writing a lot of random thoughts.

This random writing has been a great diversion from the structured and purposeful writing I have been doing lately. My days and weeks have been filled with rigid academic writing for my World History: Ancient Civilization class this term, with plot and character development for my NaNoWriMo novel this past month, and with creative writing for my weekly Druidawn sessions.

So, I just wanted this to be a post of some of the random thoughts that have found their way into my notebook. It’s mostly been weird/random philosophy, but there is a poem in there too. I find I just write things down when I think of them, so this really is a random compilation.

So, here’s a list.

Never seen, never heard,

Only the winds, whispering in your ear,

Can heed your mournful cry,

Never can, you tell a lie,

Breathing for tomorrow, living for today,

First to be touched, by the sun’s shining ray.

Invisible to all the eyes, that look upon you every-day,

Early, you do rise,

Running away.

Knowledge is endless – so is thought. One cannot be without the other, yet both counteract the other. Thought can prove or disprove knowledge, and knowledge can prove or disprove thought.

Dreams are visions you have that portray your thoughts and give you what you need.

True scars are never seen – they are inside.

Determination is not only will, but inspiration. Find something worth doing and do it, following it through. A choice can change the world.

That’s all I have for now, but I’m always writing stuff in my notebook, so I am sure there will be more.
Do you have any random thoughts to share?

Photo Credit: Uncharted Journey Blog