Today I was looking in a notebook that I started when I was just four years old. I loved words and the way they made me feel free; I used to write random snippets down all the time. This week I wanted to share a few of these snippets with you.

Here are some of the things that I have thought were worth saving over the past several years:

“I interact with nature.”

Yep this is true, I have felt this way for as long as I can remember.

“My brain is sweating inside from working so hard.”

Ha – back then it was as if my thoughts were burning inside my head, and they had to be let out. Now, I know that when I am challenged and learning something new, my head heats up; working in a very cold environment and having a window to place my hand against to feel the cool glass helps.

“A home is like a living thing.”
Wow, even as a little kid I realized that “home” is more than just a building.

“I am a bit of a word artist.”
Yes, I am, and I always have been.

“Thought is powerful.”
My love of history may have helped me form this idea. Thoughts can change the world.

“It is catnip and I’m the cat.”
Can you say…books?!

“The only way to fail is to give up.”
Remember this! (Always a good thing for perfectionist kids (and adults) to remember.)

“There are lots of erasers, but once you use one it’s gone”
I think this one surprised me the most, I don’t know where it came from. Possibly a train of thought gone wild. I love thinking about whether I was referring to the eraser being gone after it’s use, or the “mistake” being gone.

“You can lose a lot while trying to win”
This was my take-away after reading The Hodja Speaks.

“Admit you do not know”
After reading the West African tale, Younde Goes to Town, I wrote this and tried to put it into practice. Again, a great thing for a perfectionist to take to heart. (I’m still working on this one) 😉

While writing this post, I found that I wanted to change or alter many of the quotes. I guess that is expected, since I have grown since originally writing them, and my thoughts and ideas may be a bit more evolved now. These are some of the edits I would make now:

“I interact with nature, touching it with every thought.”

“A home is like a living thing; It breathes, it protects, it watches.”

“I am a bit of a word artist, taking the words out of the pile and letting them shape themselves on paper.”

“Admit you do not know; it isn’t as embarrassing as you think”

I have changed so much since I was four years old (obviously). I have stepped forward, finding many new words and ideas that are powerful, and strong. I have grown in some ways, yet inside of me, there’s always a kid.

So, I will leave you with a couple more unaltered quotes from a 4 year old Hannah.


Show respect
Be kind
Talk to others with love
Speak nicely
Do not whine
Be proud
Be responsible
I would like to live by these rules.”“If I had a coat that could fly, I would put it on and fly –  and play with the birds.”


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