Well, my first blog post is about my life, about who I truly am, and about why I am writing this blog. My life has been hidden in the shadows for the past ten years, but now, I have chosen to come outside. I am ready to continue my long, uncharted journey out here in the light. This stepping out of the shadows is making me nervous, but, it is also making me elated. I like being in the sunlight, and being more involved in the world; but sometimes it can be uncomfortable, showing who I am to the world. I find it difficult showing myself to the world. I tried when I was younger, and instead of making friends, I repelled them. I learned very quickly to just blend in, and to hide who I really was in an attempt to be accepted. I became a bit of a chameleon, always becoming what everyone else needed me to be. Now, I am still wary of how exposed I will be in the sunlight, but I am prepared and confident that I can step out and be my true self.

I know I am different than other kids; not better, not worse, just different. I have not found many places that I fit in, until recently. Suddenly, more kids like me have been coming into my world. In the past two years, I have met many kids and adults who think like me, see the world as I do, and who can relate to my asynchronicity, and it is a relief. These people empathize with me, and I can talk to them without hiding myself and my abilities; I can talk with them without taking away the most important parts of me.

One reason I started this blog is because I love to write. I write poems, short stories, fiction novels, self-assigned essays and papers on topics that intrigue me. If I am not writing, I am most likely reading; which then tends to lead to more writing. Another reason I am writing this blog, is that I no longer have a fear about revealing myself and can allow people to see the real me. I know I am different than others, and I know that I don’t need to be a chameleon anymore.

Now, through this blog, I am hoping to connect with more people like me all around the world. I am showing who I am, “shedding my chameleon skin”, and stepping out of the shadows. So, I hope our paths cross, and maybe we can walk a few steps together on this uncharted journey.

Photo Credit: unchartedjourney.com (me)