Work has ended: Time to take a break! Summer is slowly taking over from the new life that spring has left on the world, leaving patches of life and new beginnings. Soon the signs will be gone and the grass will all fade to brown – the newborn animals grown. But small amounts of spring are still here, clutching onto the leaving season. Flowers are scattered across the fields of green and brown grass.

Spring is still slowly transitioning to summer, bringing the sweltering heat as a change from the warm rains. Before the season fully slips away, I wanted to share one last piece of spring.


Life is the fragile beat of the heart,

the dream of the newborn’s mind,

the first wobbly step of a foal,

the warmth of a little chick’s eyes.


Life is no game,

life is what we hold near:

the first flap of wings,

the first beat of the heart,

the first step,

the first sight.


Life is the dream of your own heart,

of your own mind,

and of the world around you.