Some of you may have resolutions that you hope to accomplish, and some might just be wishing for the best in this new year of the twenty-first century. Whether you are resolving to make a change or wishing for something different this year, in your own way you are taking a look forward into the unknown; wanting to make it a memorable year. Well, about the resolutions part… I’m going against tradition (Yes, again…first the nontraditional Christmas and now this), by not making a resolution. Instead, I’ve chosen a “Word of the Year”. But, more on that later.

It is the New Year, so I thought it would be a fitting time to introduce a new path on this blog. I’ve been making chakra pendants for some time now, and have made them for many people. I have even sold them in stores on commission. The chakra pendants are made of different stones, with a special stone/crystal/gemstone for each of the chakras. These pendants can help with different needs, or they can help you get through hardship. I would like to introduce… (Dramatic Drum Roll) Energy Rocks!

Energy Rocks will be a new path on this Uncharted Journey, and I will begin to sell my chakra pendants on this blog. (I know, it’s not the most dramatic of events…but I like to take any opportunity to do a dramatic drum roll)

You (and your friends), will be able to order chakra pendants from these categories: Grounding, Protection, Connecting, Physical Healing, or Spiritual Healing. Or, you can order a custom one and let me choose what I feel you need. So, keep on the lookout for the Energy Rocks Store to be making its debut soon.

Ok, now putting that aside, there are even more new changes that I would like to try out for the new year. Mainly, a new ‘format’ for my blog posts. (could you tell something was a bit different from the beginning of this post?)

This is what I have in mind for my weekly posts:

  • My Journey Journal – A section right up front with current information and news of the steps I am taking, sort of an electronic version of my journal entries.
  • WOTY – A section where I get to reflect on how my Word of the Year is making itself known.
  • The Writing Path – A section with an excerpt from a story that I’m currently working on.
  • Looking Back – A section where I share something I learned in the past week.

At least that’s a rough outline of what I’d like to do. I am always open to suggestions. 🙂

A word of the year is not unlike a resolution – it describes what you think you’ll need for the new year. It is only slightly different from a resolution in that a resolution is something you set for yourself, whereas I feel the Word of the Year is more of something that finds you, and tells you that you need it. I have personally chosen “Breathe”, or to be more accurate, “Breathe” has chosen me this year. Breathing can calm you down, relax you, and help you look at matters in a different light.

I’ve been stressing a bit because of school coming back into my life, and I was worried about forgetting some of the material. Breathing has helped me get through the stress. Stopping to breathe really helps, because you actually have to “stop” doing and stop thinking, and just focus on breathing.

I think I will enjoy seeing where breathing takes me this year.

The Writing Path

—————–––Story Excerpt – Hissing Words #1———————Draft ————


At the sound of my name, I groaned and stomped off in the direction of the voice. Kicking over rocks, I watched grumpily as they rolled down the ravine that laid next to the lightly trodden-on path. Flicking back my auburn braid as I walked, I set my eyes upon the training valley, which had been known as Tris Canyon a while back. Stretching my shoulders back, I ran my hands over my dark blue tunic down to my black denim pants. Spurts of dust rolled into the air.


Zara called after me, “Good luck, Chasan!” I acknowledged her with a nod, but I continued down the path.


I snapped at the older woman that had called me, “What?” Everyone in the training program dressed similarly, so it wasn’t a surprise to me that the woman, my teacher, possessed the same clothes, only quite a bit larger.


Her eyes narrowed. “I thought you were supposed to be working on a Soulsteal? But instead, I see you gossiping with that insufferable Sageshade girl!”


I sighed, “Zara’s not that bad, and I was about to work on it, I really was! Come on, Louise, please, can I just go, and I’ll do it on that rat?”


Her eyes were uncertain, but she nodded. “Go, now, and no talking to anyone at all besides me until you’ve succeeded. Understood?”


I fought back a smile and nodded. “Yes, ma’am.” I trotted back to the hill. I turned as I was halfway up, to check if my teacher was still looking. She wasn’t. I opened my hand fully and showed it to Zara, who was waiting. I placed one hand on my lips and held out the other, as if saying, “Stop.” She laughed slightly and nodded.


She whispered, “See you later, good luck on that Soulsteal.” I cracked a nervous smile and nodded. I absolutely hated Soulsteals. It was the art of taking the energy from a living being and transferring it into yourself – an essential technique in battle. The feeling of the life-force draining out of an animal made me feel sick, even though the practice rat was a nuisance.


I picked the rat out of it’s cage, holding it by it’s tail. It squirmed in the air, twisting this way and that. I took a deep breath. “Lumiulsis Scoulso Niero.” It was my turn to squirm – the energy ran through it’s tail in currents and shot into my hand, tingling.

Louise’s words came back, You need to be able to do it on a warrior, human, without hesitation.


I remembered thinking, Well then, I’ll never get through this training. Ever. The rat went limp and stopped struggling. I dropped it on a table and felt for a heartbeat. It was there, but feeble and it skipped a beat every few seconds. I touched it over the heart and readied myself to drain my own energy to keep it alive. I had to be careful not to give too much, because with too much, the heart was too stressed, and it failed. The steady stream of my life-force drained from my hands, transferring into the small animal’s body, veins, and heart.


I shoved the rat back in the cage as it started to squirm again. Shaking off my hands to rid myself of any leftover gray hairs, I started back to Louise. “I did it.” She glanced toward the cage.


“It’s still alive.”


“That’s because I did the Recharge on it.” Her smug look changed into one of shock.


“How’d you know the Recharge?”


I was about to answer truthfully, that I had learned it from Zara, but that would get her in trouble. I lied lamely, “I just sort of… figured it out.”


“Hmph. Go ahead and play with Sageshade, and do whatever it is you girls do. Just meet back here in an hour exactly. Understood?”


“Understood, ma’am.” I set off halfway, but I lingered on the slope of the hill. Miyrun duir. Mind enter.

Her speculations passed through my mind, but I sifted through her thoughts until I sensed alarm run through her head. Retreating fast, I snagged onto the thought I wanted to hear. How did she do it that fast? I snatched it and left her mind, bringing that question with me. ‘Mind enter’ was another thing that Zara taught me. She was a year ahead of me in training, and she had taught me more than Louise ever had.
Looking Back
Now, its time to talk about something I’ve learned. Well, I’ve been helping with putting wood floors in at my grandparent’s house, and I learned quite a bit about demolition, or deconstruction.

Before the new floors could go in, we needed to pull out the tile, carpet, and linoleum. I learned how ripping up linoleum isn’t just about “ripping it up”. To actually rip it up, first you have to make cuts in it…lots and lots of crisscrossing slices down through the layers and all the way to the cement underneath. Then, you have to pour boiling water onto the floor so it can seep into those openings and go to work on melting the glue and softening the paper backing. After giving the water time to work, we then took hand scrapers and worked in small sections scraping out (and in some cases chiseling out)  the wet paper pulp and the 30 year old adhesive residue. It took five of us close to 6 hours of hard work to get it all out; good thing they have a small kitchen. Another thing I learned during this endeavor, is that any hard, back breaking job goes much faster and is more enjoyable when you are doing it with your family.

I also learned about a new form of stress (well, I think it was stress, and it was sure new to me), that seemed to arrive with the end of winter break. You see, school started up again and I was totally unprepared. I learned that even though my being lazy had to come to an end, the sudden rush of responsibilities really wan’t much more than usual – it just felt that way since I had gotten used to life without a lot of responsibilities over the holiday break.  So, maybe it really wasn’t stress after all.  Maybe it is just me learning how this new education plan works.    Breathe…

Well, that’s it! Happy 2016! (Aka New Year!)