My Journey Journal
Much has happened since the last post. As you can probably guess from the title and summary, one big change in my life was me turning 11 last week.More on turning 11 later, right now I am really excited about what happened today. I just went to my first 4-H Still Exhibits Fair. If you don’t know what a still exhibits fair is, let me explain. In 4-H there are animal projects and non-animal projects. Any item that you can make is considered a Still-Exhibit. Food, clothing, artwork, crafts, photography, woodworking, and so on. I was really hesitant about sharing anything I’ve made, and was even thinking about talking my mom into not going. In the end, we went and I did share.I shared four different ‘items’ in a few different categories, the items being art, chakra pendants, a knitted hat, and… this blog! That’s right, I shared this blog. I used my iPad and set it up at the table labeled “Misc. Exhibits” for people to look at.  They scrolled through the posts, and learned a bit about me. There were four judges that were walking around and asking questions of the people that had entered items. I was really nervous, as it was one of the first times I had ever done public speaking. Instead of being infinitely terrified, like I thought I would be, I was actually energized, and got good feedback on my works and was encouraged to enter them into a county fair.I didn’t want to share anything but my art and a knitted hat at first, because the other two (my blog and my chakra pendants) exposed quite a bit about me. I think that maybe the change from 10 to 11 could have helped me step out of my comfort zone, you know…matured me a little.

Another reason that could explain me exposing a bit more of myself could have been the fact that I had just learned about the Doomsday Clock. (You can learn about it here)  It was originally created in 1947 as a metaphor to represent the amount of time left until humans destroy ourselves with nuclear weapons. However, it has now grown to represent many aspects other than nuclear weapons that could destroy humankind, such as climate change and new science that could endanger all of us. Currently, the clock is at “Three Minutes till Midnight.” This is one of the closest times it’s been this near to doomsday; the closest being “Two Minutes till Midnight” back in 1953 during the cold-war era, when USA and the Soviet Union first started testing thermonuclear weapons.

Three minutes is not good, people!  It hasn’t moved either forward or back since last year, however, it could still go either way. It needs to go backwards, and I want to push it backwards. I really want to make a change and force those clock hands back. Sharing my blog and my energy filled chakra pendants were just a couple ways to start the small ripples of change.

Well, that’s what is in my Journey Journal this week! Now onto……(Drumroll…)

I haven’t had too much need for breathing (lol) this past week. Well, except for possibly hyperventilating from excitement, due to my birthday. I almost stayed up until midnight on my last night of being 10, almost holding my breath as I watched the clock. Then, I reminded myself to breathe and relax; and I remembered that it wasn’t going to be my last birthday. So, I guess breathing helped me with the over-excitement that came with my 11th birthday. Oh, and of course I needed to breathe to stay alive. How silly of me to not include that!

The Writing Path

I was sitting at my dining room table. One light was on, shining above. Everything was the same, as normal.
A roar of a car sounded outside of my door. I stood up, unsteadily. It surely isn’t E.T. already? Not yet… not yet… not yet…

I opened the heavy wooden door, which up until that moment,was keeping out my nightmare. I was face to face with E.T., yet I concealed my surprise with a bow. “Governor, what brings you here?” I managed to utter.

His smooth, silky voice replied, “Adriana, please, just call me Edwin.”

      Wonderful, evading the question. “Ah, very well. What brings you here, to my small home?”

Walking across the room, he sat himself down; I followed and did the same. He was tall, with black hair and dark brown eyes. Drumming his fingers against the table, he replied. “Just here on business.”

A jolt of worry shook me. Surely not yet! We still haven’t finished!  I carefully asked, “What kind of business?”

He raised his eyes to meet mine. “The business of rooting out traitors”, he hissed.

I shuddered inwardly. This is the end of me. “Ah. I wish that I could be of some help in your endeavor, but sadly, I know nothing of the sort.”

He leaned forward, eyes dangerous. “Girl, I know you know more than that.” Cold metal was pressed against my throat. I backed up. No gunshots. This is a quiet, clean kill. Gloves protected the Governor’s hands from leaving fingerprints.

I raised my head as high as I could. “I do know more. But you’ll never get it from me.”

“Then I will search your house and leave you bleeding. You can be spared by telling me exactly where it is.”

“No.” The metal pressed harder.

“Your last chance. Tell me, girl.”

“Find out yourself. I curse you to the end of life. I curse you and your precious rule over Thars, the world of the people.” I gurgled my last words. The metal slipped easily into the skin of my throat. He turned, pocketing the knife. Softly blurred, the Governor of the World of Thars thundered up the stairs, searching for something he would never find.

I raised my hand to my neck. Warm, sticky liquid streamed down. Blood, my own. I closed my eyes. The Ratharn always killed everyone in the end. It was just my turn. I curse you. You will never find the Triarth.

A dark, angry growl. I fell to the floor, barely feeling anything. You’ll die before you find it.

I fingered my communicator, still tucked into the back pocket of my shorts. I found the keys and typed out a message.

     Adriana @Avril @Jay: ET
Avril @Adriana: What?

I groaned as blood sheeted down my neck. I fumbled to press the button in the corner, and I felt the machine heating up. None of the Ratharn had a communicator, and we didn’t want them to.  It started to tingle, then burst into flames. I screamed, and my eyes turned dark, dark, dark… They’re safe. It’s safe.

———————–end of excerpt————————-LOST———————-draft——————–

Looking Back
So far, I’ve followed my new rule (about limiting my creative writing) fairly well, and I haven’t been writing nearly as much when I have school to do. I feel like it’s now a treat for the weekends, and it motivates me to work harder so that I can write more later on.

Surprisingly, I don’t have much more for this section, except that my birthday was certainly exciting for me, and I was supremely interested in learning about the Doomsday Clock. I am certain that learning about that clock was no mistake…the 11th hour and my 11th year…I have work to do!

I believe that’s it!

So, have fun, breathe and embrace the changes! If we all share our gifts and spread love and light, we can all help to move those hands backwards! Let’s go! (Team?)