My Journey Journal New Red Heels (Uck, Heels,).  Check Fancy Dresses for Wedding and Reception. Check Bathing Suit for Kayaking. Check School Stuff. Check Some [...]

New Site! Ta-Da!

Hi! As I'm sure you've all noticed, there's a new website! I've been working on this for quite a while, customizing a theme. It's created [...]

Change… Time to Change!

My Journey Journal Much has happened since the last post. As you can probably guess from the title and summary, one big change in my [...]

New Steps

My Journey Journal Many things have happened in the past week. Of course there was schoolwork and creative writing, but I also was introduced to [...]

Happy 2016! New Year, New Format

Some of you may have resolutions that you hope to accomplish, and some might just be wishing for the best in this new year of [...]

Christmas and 2016

This year, my Christmas was a bit different than all my prior Christmases. A whole lot was different, actually. The first difference – our Christmas [...]

Someone Needs These Words

I wanted to share these poems because I felt the world needed them... and because no matter how small of a portion of the world [...]

Random Thoughts

Recently I’ve been writing a lot of random thoughts. This random writing has been a great diversion from the structured and purposeful writing I have [...]

Writing Lesson #1: I’m Human

This is the first post in a series of posts on how I am learning to pick apart my own work; at least it feels [...]

Take a Step

I wanted to use this quote for today’s post because I just took another step in my life, another step forward in my uncharted journey. [...]