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I have big, big news! Ready? You sure you're ready...? I WROTE A NOVEL! Okay, so it's not publicly available, and it's pretty bad (like, really bad) compared to what I'm writing now, but it's a start! [...]

Life and New Beginnings

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Work has ended: Time to take a break! Summer is slowly taking over from the new life that spring has left on the world, leaving patches of life and new beginnings. Soon the signs will [...]

Changes, yet not Really Changing

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Last month, I decided it was time for a new haircut.  For some reason, my beyond shoulder length, beyond curly, totally beyond manageable hair was beyond bothering me! Now, along with that haircut, I had [...]

On My Way Home

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Do you fit in?   Do you have friends?   Do you filter your feelings, your thoughts, your ideas or your words when around others? Have you "played the part" to be accepted?  Are you worried about [...]


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You may see the title of the post and ask, 'Why is it just a number? It's not 42, so why would it be the title of Hannah's post?' Well, read on. So, I've said [...]

April Aware

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Seeing so many distracted drivers on the road (some even family) really drove me to create an "Aware" keychain. I chose stones for each chakra that promote focus, grounding, willpower and awareness. I initially set [...]


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My Journey Journal New Red Heels (Uck, Heels,).  Check Fancy Dresses for Wedding and Reception. Check Bathing Suit for Kayaking. Check School Stuff. Check Some Magical Healing Salve from Mom. Check Yep, I went on [...]