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Christmas and 2016

This year, my Christmas was a bit different than all my prior Christmases. A whole lot was different, actually. The first difference – our Christmas [...]

Someone Needs These Words

I wanted to share these poems because I felt the world needed them... and because no matter how small of a portion of the world [...]

Random Thoughts

Recently I’ve been writing a lot of random thoughts. This random writing has been a great diversion from the structured and purposeful writing I have [...]

Writing Lesson #1: I’m Human

This is the first post in a series of posts on how I am learning to pick apart my own work; at least it feels [...]

Take a Step

I wanted to use this quote for today’s post because I just took another step in my life, another step forward in my uncharted journey. [...]

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block: A common enemy? We all can suffer from it, whether we like to write or not. I normally like to write, but recently, [...]

Thoughts, Hope, and the Eyes

A thought came to me, and I want to share it. It’s unabridged, unedited, unpolished, and pretty much un-everything (except unwritten!). Enjoy. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Recently, I’ve [...]

The Truth of the Mistake

Nobody understands, Nobody cares, That all the terrible things I’ve done, They were done on the brink of despair. They forgive me so quick, But [...]

The Things I Learned This Week

I am so sorry my post is late...but here is my excuse….. No, my dog didn’t eat it… nor did my cat… nor did my [...]

Who Was I

I am old enough to remember But young enough to forget Who I was before Before...the world deemed me fit. Before I moved on Before [...]