Seeing so many distracted drivers on the road (some even family) really drove me to create an “Aware” keychain. I chose stones for each chakra that promote focus, grounding, willpower and awareness. I initially set out to make these for my family in hopes that they would be more aware when they saw it (while opening the car door, or starting their car) since I can’t always be there to remind them to leave the phone alone.

I have added these Aware Keychains to my shop, and for the month of April (Distracted Driving Awareness Month) I am offering $5 off PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

Just use coupon code: AprilAware (expires 4-30-16) on any Aware Keychains (Floral Clasp and Peace Sign Clasp too!)

Product link:

Aware Keychain

Stones and Crystals (Top to Bottom):

Clear Quartz – Promotes clear thinking and rationality, making better choices

Amethyst – Breaks addictions and promotes sobriety, increases willpower.

Sodalite – Promotes logic and rationality, do what you “know” is right.

Green Aventurine – Allows you to see different and new ways to solve problems. Alertness

Tigers Eye – Enhances willpower. Strength to keep distractions put away.

Sunstone – Stress relief and leadership. Setting a good example of responsibility.

Hematite – Grounding and stabilizing. Keeping your mind in the present moment and focus on the task.


Whether you buy an Aware Keychain or not, please remember that you don’t always get a do-over. Put away any distractions until you have safely reached your destination.

Wishing you all safe journeys!