Who am I?

My name is Hannah, and I live in Northern California. I like to read, write, walk outside, read some more, walk dogs, watch my chickens, pet my rabbits, feed the rabbits, paint, draw, read even more, play Minecraft, play OAD, play Lord of the Rings Online, read yet even more, take pictures, stare out a window for the longest time, write poetry, mimic goats, play all sorts of video games, and reading, books, and writing. I have 3 dogs, 7 goats, 3 rabbits, and 12 chickens. I love nature, art, writing, and all types of literature and books. I enjoy listening to music, especially alt. rock, k-pop, instrumental, soul, and many other genres – quite a wide spectrum of music. I had been homeschooled through an online academy for many years, but I do have memories and experiences from when I was much younger and in a private Montessori school for K and 1st grade. I’m currently fully homeschooled for high school. I guess my education will change as I do, and it is definitely not traditional. Some classes I like: literature, art, science, history, and music.

The idea of this blog was sparked one night, when I said to my mom, “Hey, I have been thinking …I would like a place where I can show people some of my life, and talk with other people and hopefully connect with people like me.” So, we talked, and she said that I might be able to get a blog. Suddenly, I was looking at blog templates and thinking up names. My mom was the one that suggested “Uncharted Journey,” because my parents had wanted to start a website/blog of sorts about their experiences of raising me, and how it was an uncharted journey for them. But, lucky for me, they never got around to it, and seeing as it was originally intended to be a site about me, it is only fitting that I be the one to write the story of my Uncharted Journey.

So, you are probably wondering what my blog is about, right?! Well, I will be talking about books I have recently read, projects recently tried, events I have attended, papers I have written, and overall, a bit of my life! I enjoy the unpredictable and uncharted ride of my life, and I am not on this ride just to get to a destination; I want to embrace and experience all that I can along the way. So, will you follow me on this uncharted journey… step by step… wherever it may lead?