Hi, I’m back!

Here it is nearing the end of October, and I am just getting my first breath of fresh air after midterms! 2 exams over the span of a couple of weeks, a 4000+ word essay, and lots of reading. It feels like all my classes started only a week ago, but in reality I’m already done with half of each course. Which means, of course, I have to get ready to register for my spring classes. I’m hoping to get into a counseling session so that I can start that process as soon as possible. I am again taking as many units as I can (up to 11.5) at the community college while still maintaining my high school student status.

I am still enrolled in math classes (Pre-Calc) with LiveOnlineMath, and this term I also enrolled in a local theater workshop to satisfy high school visual/performing arts credits. I have to say, that I am really enjoying the theater workshop. The first 6 weeks focused on non-performance based improv, and now we are focusing on voice for 2 weeks, and finally will end with 2 weeks of musical theater dance. This workshop has really forced me to step outside my comfort zone, and is challenging me in new ways.

Well, I have a few more things that have been keeping me busy, but I will share more about them next time. Hint – they involve me getting out of the house and getting more involved in the community.


Also, NaNoWriMo is starting soon! So far I have a small outline worked out and some character development pieces written. I’ll try to update on Facebook at least every week on my word-count and overall status throughout November!


I wanted to share a piece of music with you, so I have posted it below. This is a fairly new piece that has found a prominent spot on my playlist and I hope you enjoy it.

forever rain

RM – mono.