Recently I’ve been thinking over the state of the world… No, this is not a political post or anything of that sort. If anything, it’s philosophical.

Our current time seems like it’s the night of the world, where everything is dark and it seems to last so long that we can’t see the end. It’s no longer day, with the light shining everywhere we can see, cheerful and bright. There seems to be no light in the night, no hope that there is a better future ahead of us, that there is a chance that things will be looking up.

Imagine the stars. Think of a night where you have seen stars littered across the sky, little beacons in the darkness. Now imagine that night as this year, this decade. There may be fewer stars now than in that night, but they still are there, even when invisible. Now see the stars as hope.

There is hope wherever you go, no matter what is happening in the world – you can look at the stars in our world, and smile, knowing that we all have a future.


“Smoke on the air
Some say doom has found us
Others that this is a time most fair
Our many mistakes
Stars are disappearing
Night filling with the dark we make
Fires are roaring
Gears are whirring
Things will change
Wait for morning
And of history make a new page
Stars will shine
Through the night
Hope will last, never resign
We must do what is right
It might be dark outside
But there is hope
Where light resides
The stars, they chime
Our minds are reeling
With the endless loops of time
This dread we’re feeling
It might be dark outside
But there is hope
Stars acting as our guide.”