Yearly Archives: 2016


Life Update

September has gotten away from me, and now I find myself smack dab in the middle of October. Wow, the time is just flying by [...]

Yunasa: A Place for Everyone

Yunasa.  Yunasa East and Yunasa West, places where gifted children find their tribe, find their family and find friends that understand them. Yunasa West is [...]

Flames of Ayama – 4

~ ~ # Chapter 4 #~ ~ (PoV: Rabana) I watched my sister’s face carefully as she entered. Her expression was one of shock, mixed [...]


"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley   Last post, my featured song was 'Battlefield', by Svrcina. I [...]

Flames of Ayama – 3

~ ~ # Chapter 3 #~ ~ I had already been locked in the room for five days. I ruffled through the rest of the [...]

Yet Another Step

It's August, and the new school year is starting. There's no way to not think about school! In fact, I've already started my Physics course. [...]

Flames of Ayama – 2

~ ~ # Chapter 2 #~ ~ I yawned as I followed the other three Fire Elementals towards the door. The Door. The door that [...]

The New Stories Tab

So you may have noticed a new tab on the blog – Stories! This is just a short update about what's happening on the site. [...]

Flames of Ayama – 1

~ ~ # Chapter 1 # ~ ~ I took a deep breath and tumbled out of my bunk bed, swiftly turning in the air [...]


I have big, big news! Ready? You sure you're ready...? I WROTE A NOVEL! Okay, so it's not publicly available, and it's pretty bad (like, really bad) [...]